ABOUT the golf marathon

What to expect

The Atlanta Golf Marathon will be unlike any golf charity you have every played!

  • No scramble format; you will play your own ball all day.
  • No $20 needed for mulligans.
  • No logoed shirts for door prizes; just top prizes.
  • No silent auctions for things you would never need.
  • No buffet of burgers and beans; but a nice sit-down dinner as a thank you for your efforts.


Monday, April 28, 2014

  • 7:00am - Registration
  • 7:15am - Announcements
  • 7:30am - 7:30 Golf
  • 7:30pm until... Banquet & Awards Ceremony


54 golfers will be given the rare chance to test their stamina by playing as many holes as possible between the hours of 7:30am and 7:30pm. Each golfer will have their own cart and each two-person team will start on their own hole. It isn’t necessary to have a playing partner, but we encourage you to recruit a friend. We will pair any singles the day of the event. Unlike typical golf fundraisers, each golfer will play his/her own ball. Out of bounds is considered a lateral hazard, so you can drop a ball at the point of entry. We will have plenty of balls for you, so there will be no need to spend anytime looking! Any putt inside 3 feet is considered a gimme. Under these rules, you can expect to play up to 18 holes in between 90 and 105 minutes.

Is it really possible to play 100 holes in one day?

At our 1st Annual Golf Marathon about 18 of the 34 golfers played over 100 holes! We are not saying it is easy, but there is something exhilarating about having the course to yourself and being able to move shot-to-shot without waiting. You will certainly be both exhausted and exhilarated when you finish.

Food & Drink

We will start with breakfast (think egg and cheese biscuits) as you jump in your carts to start the day. We will have drink and snack stations throughout the course all day to give you energy and keep you hydrated. We will provide you some of those gel shots from the real marathons for an added boost! Around noon, we will have a catered lunch inside the clubhouse. It’s your choice whether you take a break or grab your lunch to go and get back on the course if you choose to not waste precious minutes. Afterward, we will include a sit-down dinner during our banquet.

The Banquet & Awards Ceremony

We understand that you will be both elated and exhausted after the marathon. The banquet will be geared toward taking care of you and rewarding you for your accomplishment with great prizes. While you eat a delicious sit-down dinner, we will talk about the foundation briefly so that you are aware of our activities and future goals. Then you will be on your way home to a great night’s sleep! Each Golfer is welcome to invite a guest to join him/her at the banquet that starts at 7:30pm in the clubhouse.

Prizes & Gifts

We have great prizes & gifts but it’s top secret until you arrive each year! But to give you an idea, one year our gift to all golfers who raised money included three Titleist Vokey spin-milled wedges (52 degrees, 56 degrees, and 60 degrees), a pair of Footjoy shoes, and 2 dozen Pro V1 golf balls. Our gift to all 2009 golfers who raised money included a Taylor Made R9 460 driver, a pair of Adidas 360 3.0s, and 2 dozen Bridgestone 330S/RX golf balls.

Prizes are awarded for the following achievements: most sponsorship monies raised, most holes played, lowest round of 18, lowest 5-round score (gross and net), etc. While some prizes are based on performances, a poor showing does not exclude you from a prize. The best prizes will be for most money raised and number of holes played, so anyone can win! The prizes for another year included custom-fitted Taylor Made irons, two round-trip Air Tran Airways tickets, hotel and vacation condo stays, college football tickets and more.

How do I raise support?

In lieu of an entry fee, Golfers are asked to collect sponsor pledges. Due to the limited number of Golfers, we suggest a $1,500 minimum per person. We know that $1,500 per person is a significant sum of money and we appreciate your best efforts to try to achieve or surpass this mark. That being said, you will not be turned away from playing if you do not reach the $1,500 level.

We encourage you to let everyone you know of the event, allowing them to associate this event with the children who will ultimately benefit from your participation. It will be much easier than you think and we will even provide you a customized page on this web site on the Golfers Roster so that you can share a unique web address with them. You can add a photo and your story, informing potential supporters of the event and your reasons for participation. Additionally, we have set up the web site so that people can donate right there on your personal profile page.

Once people can connect to the vision of the event and your commitment to it, some will donate $25 to $50. Others will surprise you with larger gifts. The important thing to understand is that every dollar makes a difference.

When approaching someone to ask them to support you in this event, we recommend a relational approach. This means a better first step in fund-raising is to schedule one-on-one conversations with a list of friends rather than just mass e-mail everyone in your address book. Once you are in front of them, make a point to explain to them why you are participating. Then provide them with the web page (and a link to your personal profile page) and ask them to consider supporting you. They can either pledge a fixed amount or pledge a given amount per hole. The important thing is to ask.

What time should I arrive?

It would be best to arrive no later than 7:00am so that you can get your clubs and cart situated and go over the course map and rules. You are probably not going to warm-up and hit balls at the range, but we will be making announcements at 7:15am and then it is off to your hole to start.


If, by some miracle, you have a question we did not already answer above, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers. Todd Ratliff 404.441.4324 or Brent Reid 404.379.7260

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Location & Directions

The Golf Marathon is being held at Flat Creek Golf Club, which is graciously being donated by Canongate Golf.

100 Flat Creek Rd, Peachtree City, GA 30269

The Club is located in Peachtree City, 23 miles south of Atlanta Airport.
Take I-85 south to Peachtree City - GA 74 Exit.
Go south on GA 74 to the intersection of GA 54.
Turn left on GA 54 and follow one mile to Flat Creek Road.
Turn left and continue for one mile to the Club entrance.

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Marathon Photos

1st Annual Atlanta Golf Marathon (2009)

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The James 1:27 Foundation is proud to announce that our 1st Annual Golf Marathon fundraiser was a huge success! With 34 golfers participating plus over 300 unique sponsors, we raised $38,000 to provide for the physical and spiritual well being of orphans around the world. The event was a lot of fun and about 18 of the golfers completed 100+ holes in one day!

2nd Annual Atlanta Golf Marathon (2010)

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